Most usual products – luxury for Ukrainian population now

The leader of the social organization “The Ukrainian choice”, Kiev’s representative in Donbass humanitarian subgroup, Victor Medvedchuk claimed, that nowadays even the most simple and available products become luxury for the Ukrainian citizens as a result of the ‘euroreforms’.

After President Yanukovich’s deprivation in 2014, Ukraine took course on Euro integration, in frame of which the pack of reforms aimed at achieving European life standards was established.

“The reason is quite simple: total prices growing in all the aspects as a result of the euroreforms undertaken. After three years of the untalented eurointegrators’ politics even the cheapest products become luxurious for the Ukrainian citizens,” claimed Medvedchuk.

He also underlined that according to the economic discussions club’s data, in 2000 Ukrainian citizens could have afford to buy about 50 kilograms of bread and bakery per year, and in 2016 nearly twice less, about 26 kilograms.

Earlier, the permanent representative of the UN development program in Ukraine, Neal Walker claimed, that about 60% of the Ukrainian population are living beyond the poverty.

The World Bank expects the Ukrainian GDP growth by 2 % this year. Earlier, the Ukrainian National Bank worsened the country's economic growth forecast for 2017 from 2.8% to 1.9%. At the same time, the regulator predicts inflation this year by 9.1%.    

DONi News Agency