Moscow warned Poroshenko: Operation in Syria would look like a warm-up

If the Ukrainian authorities decide to implement a threat to resume the large-scale war in Donbass, voiced by the governor Zhebrivsky, Russia will launch a peacekeeping military operation, in comparison with which the operations of the Armed Space Forces in Syria "will look like a warm-up."
It was stated to The PolitNavigator by the political scientist Denis Denisov, an expert of the Institute of CIS countries.

‘We are well aware that what Zhebrivsky said is a kind of provocation. Such statements are intended solely to stir up the situation, to fail the Minsk Agreements and to cause the civil war to rage further on the territory of Ukraine. Zhebrivsky urged to try to solve the problem of Donbass by force. These people are no longer able to think in categories of compromise, the peace negotiation process, and directly say that they are not interested in Minsk, they are interested in the war. Such people should not hold any positions in the Ukrainian state. After such statements these people should be just removed from office. In this respect, there is hope for the position of the European Union and the United Stateswhich might insist on this point.

It has already been said more than once about such a scenario, and so far there is information that if Ukraine just thinks of unleashing large-scale military operations in the Donbass, it will receive an asymmetrical response, and the answer will come from the Russian Federation. By comparison to this response, the Russian operation in Syria will look like a small warm-up. It is known in Ukraine, so there is hope that, after all, these people are smart enough in order not to start a full-scale offensive and breakthroughs, to intensify the conflict,' concluded Denisov.

DONi News Agency