Moscow makes valuable clarification on peacekeeping mission in Donbass

Ukrainian politicians are making a mistake expecting UN peacekeepers to allow them to cleanse Donbass, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Information Policy and Media Relations, Alexei Pushkov, stated at a press conference in Moscow.

"The Kiev authorities mistakenly believe that the UN mission will operate in Donbass as the UN troops in Kosovo. It's a delusion. Peacekeepers will be able to act only in coordination with the DPR and LPR authorities. It does not matter whether they recognize the latter or not. Peacekeepers can only succeed under condition of cooperation with the local authorities," Pushkov said.

He does not believe either that peacekeepers will be able to resolve the conflict.

"The maximum that peacekeepers can do is to somewhat improve the situation and reduce the number of attacks, the scale of military operations. Our American and European colleagues like to use peacekeepers to achieve their political goals. But they will not have a mandate to cleanse Donbass," Pushkov said.

DONi News Agency