Minsk talks – smokescreen to prepare AFU offensive

According to data from the front, Petro Poroshenko uses the Minsk negotiations only as a cover for preparation of a large-scale offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, believes Alexey Karjakin, LPR ex-parliamentary speaker.

"Ukraine does not simply refuse to withdraw heavy weapons, moreover, Kiev, ignoring all agreements, masses the extra armor to the demarcation line. Therefore we should not expect positive steps from Kiev. This is the delay of the moment. Under the guise of negotiation the equipment, however, is being contracted. It is clearly seen that Ukraine sees only a military solution to the situation.

Ukraine with the tenacity of a ram tries to break through the defense of our republics, each time getting a decent answer. However, it does not teach them anything. Even since 14-year it became clear that each time when Ukraine sees its failure, gets into the pockets and gets too tough, it always asks for truce. But after that the very Ukraine violates it," Karjakin notes.

DONi News Agency