Minor Ukrainian prepares terrorist attack in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don

A Ukrainian citizen was preparing a terrorist attack in Rostov-on-Don, informed the State Duma’s Deputy Sergei Zheleznyak this day. 

"The first case hearing is to be held on February 14. A 17-year-old Ukrainian citizen came to Rostov, contacted the local nonsystem opposition and prepared explosive devices for terrorist attacks during mass events in the city-centre. We see a very dangerous band of various destructive forces, including the Ukrainian ones, with our nonsystem oppositionists who intend to explode the situation inside the country," stated Zheleznyak.

According to his data, last year the Russian secret services detected and averted 40 cases of preparing terrorist attacks with Ukrainian nationalists involved. 

"Nowadays terrorist activity supported by the Ukrainian government is one of the most dangerous probable courses of events not only for Donbass people. Ukraine is aiming at provocations not only against Donbass, but against Russia as well. This problem will not disappear on its own. Moreover, impunity creates illusion of possibility to commit crimes again and again," said Zheleznyak.

DONi News Agency