Miners in Kiev-held Donetsk region refuse to work until wage arrears paid

Miners in the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk region refused to mine coal, demanding the payment of wage arrears.

This was announced on Wednesday by the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

"Today the miners of the first shift of the Rodinskaya mine of the state enterprise Mirnogradugol went down to the mine, but they did not start mining... <...> The miners demand a full payback for the month of July, as well as advance money for August," he wrote in Facebook.

According to Volynets, the miners recalled the words of the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik, "that the base dates for payment of wages and advances are the twenty-fifth and the tenth of each month."

"Mirnogradugol", formerly "Krasnoarmeyskugol" is a coal mining state enterprise in the city of Mirnograd of the Donetsk region. The association includes four mines: the Dimitrov, the Stakhanov, the Rodinskaya, the Tsentralnaya.

This protest action of miners is not the first in Ukraine. From 3 to 7 August, the strike was held by miners in the Lvov region. They appealed to the president, the government and law enforcement agencies with a demand to pay off their wage arrears and to remove Nasalik from office. A week before the strike in connection with nonpayment of salaries was also announced by miners of the Kapustin mine of the "Lisichanskugol" enterprise in the part of the Lugansk region controlled by Kiev.

DONi News Agency