Military expert: DPR quite capable of producing weapons

The DPR has recently reported on the creation of the world's heaviest sniper rifle. Military expert Igor Korotchenko on air of Sputnik radio expressed the opinion that other weapons’ production could be established in the Republic.

It is more correct to call the most large-caliber sniper rifle "Separatist", created in the Donetsk People's Republic, a stationary sniper complex, said Igor Korotchenko, the editor-in-chief of the Natsyonalnaya Oborona (National Defense) magazine.

Earlier, a video story was published in the WarGonzo Telegram channel, according to which the heaviest sniper rifle in the world, called "Separatist", had been created and tested in the DPR. The declared range of the complex is 3 km, and ammunition for it is comparable to ZU-23 shells (23-mm twin anti-aircraft gun, developed in the USSR). As claimed by the developers, the rifle has almost no recoil.

"It is more correct to call this weapon not a rifle (because one person can not carry it and can not use it), but a stationary sniper complex. It is intended not to defeat the enemy's manpower, but to disable its equipment – in this case, armoured vehicles, transport and so on," Igor Korotchenko said on Sputnik radio.

In his opinion, the production of such stationary sniper complexes will be established in the Republic, but they will be produced in a limited number.

"There has been a powerful defense industry in the territory of Donbass since the Soviet Ukraine times, so there are personnel, equipment, and engineering capabilities. Obviously, the production of such stationary sniper complexes will be established, and a limited number of them will be produced – about several dozen units, to ensure the success of actions in street battles, as well as on the battlefield, in case the Ukrainian army goes into offensive, which can be expected in the beginning of the spring," the military expert said.

He believes that, in addition to stationary sniper complexes, the DPR will launch other weapons’ production as well.

"Since the technological base, equipment and personnel are available in the territory of the Republic, it is obviously capable of making mortars, ammunition and other weapons, the production of which is relatively affordable," Igor Korotchenko said.

DONi News Agency