"Mariupol, don't give up!": citizens celebrate Liberation Day with a rally in DPR [Pics]

A solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of the City of Mariupol and the 74th anniversary of its liberation from the Nazi invaders has been held today in the centre of Donetsk. In total, about 100 people attended the rally, among them about 50 Mariupol residents.

The event was led by Irina Popova, head of the Mariupol Rescue Forum public initiative.

"Donbass is united, despite the demarcation line. We are united by a common history, love for the native land, friendship and family ties. No one can share this. And, no matter how hard the junta tries, no matter how Kiev tries, Mariupol does not give up!" Popova said, addressing the audience.

The banner "Mariupol, do not give up!" was raised at the foot of the monument. It was under this motto that the event was held, and all the demonstrators chanted this call unanimously. In addition, activists held posters with slogans: "Mariupol + Donetsk = DPR", "Defend Donbass – our duty to fathers and grandfathers", "Happy holiday, native Mariupol!"

"I want to congratulate Mariupol on the holiday. This is a hard task to celebrate it, not all those wishing can mark it in their native city, because not every Mariupol citizen attends festivities organized by criminal Ukrainian authorities. Many understand that our city is actually captured by criminals today. It is very painful to learn that the Ukrainian radicals from Azov are mocking at ordinary citizens. I want to wish all of us perseverance. I believe that we will win," a resident of Mariupol, Elena Subbotina, said.

Those present honoured the memory of the perished Donbass defenders with a minute of silence. The event ended with the laying of flowers at the memorial.

Let us recall that the Mariupol Rescue Forum public initiative, which is aimed at helping residents of the city controlled by the Ukrainian government, was announced in this May in Donetsk.

DONi News Agency