Maidan's radical fighters state forming second front against authorities, Verkhovna Rada deputy urges to open fire

In the centre of Kiev a group of radicals calling themselves "the eastern front’s veterans" announced the beginning of mass protests against the authorities.

"Government bodies show total inactivity concerning resistance against separatism, occupants and national interests’ defense. Civil activists and veterans of the war in the Eastern Ukraine took responsibility and blocked trade with occupants. And nowadays government bodies as well as Yanukovych’s criminal regime organize provocations. Fights, thugs for hire, policemen – bloody provocations against the Ukrainians who are just protecting their constitutional rights.

We, Ukrainian patriots, eastern front’s veterans, intellectuals, revolutionary forces, declare the forming of the second front against collaborators. We urge all the Ukrainian patriots to join mass protests which are taking place here, in Kiev’s city-centre. Follow our news," stated the protesters.

The statement was announced after it had become known about clashes between Donbass blockade’s participants and Special Police Forces under Ukraine’s Interior Ministry.

In his turn, Maidan’s ex-sotnik (commander), the Verkhovna Rada’s deputy Vladimir Parasyuk threatened that the blockade’s participants would use fire-arms against the police.

"If force is used against ATO’s veterans, volunteers, activists and attempts to unlock tracks are made, this will be the beginning of the end. The end of the chocolate-oligarchic empire. This will result in much more intensive resistance than in 2013, when students were broken up by force. To all who are taking part in the blockade: dear brothers, you have legally registered weapons and you are entirely entitled to use it if your life is under threat. You survived in the Donetsk Airport, Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo. You have nothing to be afraid of. I ask the AFU’s active units and the volunteer battalions to support the brothers as far as possible", urged Parasyuk in a social network.

DONi News Agency