Maidan poetess repents, seeks Donbass and Odessa’s forgiveness

Poetess Yevgeniya Bilchenko, who was an active participant in the protest on the Maidan, repented for the events of 2014 and asked forgiveness from Odessa and Donbass. This is stated in a statement on her website.

Bilchenko writes that she is blamed for the fact that the West used the "sincere impulse" of Ukrainian people for its own purposes, which led to a civil war, devastation and neo-Nazism.

"Gradually it became clear that the West, for the sake of the ephemeral image of which people were dying on the square, not only did not take any tangible steps against the spree of Ukrainian nationalism, but also tolerates it," she writes.

The West, according to Bilchenko, using double and triple standards, seized power in Ukraine with the help of nationalism and forced the country to walk in a vicious circle "between fascism and liberalism", which is directed against Russia.

The poetess is sure that her compatriots came out on the square in 2014 for the sake of freedom and protection of human rights, but as a result, Ukraine became one of the most unfree countries in the world.

Bilchenko writes that having visited the east of the country as a volunteer, she was convinced that "Ukraine is conducting a civil and hybrid war against its population."

"I appeal to you, Europe, do you want to be a local translator of global Americanism and expect that the same world will come to your house? There is nothing good in the velvet revolutions, except the hearts of those first people who came to the square who were put on the altar of the oligarchic interests and which I can neither forget nor betray, I only can take the blame. The world, forgive us. Donbass and Odessa, forgive us, we did not know what we were doing, and only for God ignorance is a mitigating circumstance," concludes Bilchenko.

Yevgeniya Bilchenko became famous after the publication of the poem "Who am I?" dedicated to the events on EuroMaidan. She was a volunteer of an extremist organization Right Sector. The Ukrainian media call Bilchenko "the poet of the Maidan".

DONi News Agency