Lvov ready for uprising against Kiev – Ukrainian intelligence general

The confrontation between the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition has reached the point when firearms may be used, stated the ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Army General Nikolai Malomuzh.

"We addressed the government, representatives of law enforcement agencies and special services, and especially the opposition, to start a dialogue, not to aggravate the situation, which had been already outlined, according to our operational data, on the verge of violent armed clashes. It is clear that an unpredictable scenario could be actualized. At this stage it was managed to prevent this scenario by different mechanisms, both non-governmental and state, humanitarian, and operational ones," the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine said.

He also stated that the problem had not been fully resolved and shared his impressions of his visit to Lvov.

"The city is boiling, political forces are very active. Saakashvili, opposition, Lyashko, and other politicians who initiated the confrontation either in this region, or because of political contradictions, or on the basis of confrontation with the authorities and law enforcement structures, appear in the same place. This is a true situation characterizing the West. Exactly such moods were in the East [Donbass – ed.]. Unfortunately, a big problem runs connected with the system of our armed forces in the ATO. Many representatives of battalion commanders, vice-commanders of brigades and ordinary servicemen point out the absence of any prospects for settling the situation," Malomuzh said.

DONi News Agency