Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 03/19/2017

The situation in the responsibility zone of the LPR People's Militia remains tense.

Over the past day, there were registered 12 occasions of the ceasefire violations by the enemy. Our units’ positions were shelled near the following localities: Kalinovka, Logvinovo, Kalinovo, Nizhneye Lozovoye, Lozovoye, and Frunze. Mortars of 120mm and 82 mm calibre, IFV armament, anti-aircraft guns, grenade launchers and small arms were used by the AFU while shelling.

Aggressive intentions of the enemy were confirmed by the fact that the firing position of the 82-mm mortar which was opening provocative fire at our positions almost daily, was detected 1.5 km to the south from Luganskoye locality in the responsibility zone of the 54th AFU brigade.

The LPR People’s Militia reconnaissance detected a number of new strong points of Ukrainian military, set along the line of combat contact. Thus, we have identified a new observation post of the 24th AFU brigade in the vicinity of Zolotoye locality.

A military commandant's office was detected in the responsibility area of the same brigade, near Popasnaya locality.

1 km to the west from Stanitsa-Luganskaya locality, near ​​the railway bridge, engineering works are under way to equip Ukrainian fighters’ temporary stronghold.

In addition, we again receive information on the extremely low moral and psychological state of the AFU fighters.

Thus, Ukraine’s power structures are taking operational measures in a populated area meant to search for eight servicemen of the 24th AFU brigade who left the unit’s location on March 16, having taken away weapons and ammunition.

The reason for the soldiers’ leaving the unit was the fact that they had been regularly beaten by officers. Thus, a most characteristic incident occurred in the vicinity of the Popasnaya locality a month ago, then a platoon commander of the 3rd separate mechanized battalion Volia of the 24th separate mechanized brigade caused severe wounds to his subordinate. As a result, the serviceman had his ribs broken and his spleen was operated, once the soldier was admitted to a hospital. Because of the lack of opportunities for the brigade to achieve justice and punish those to blame, the serviceman was compelled to seek for the help of volunteers who promised to draw attention of the AFU command and Ukraine’s military police leadership to this fact. And this is not for the first time when volunteers help soldiers to punish their commanders.

The AFU command continues to resort to the services of foreign mercenaries in the ‘ATO’ zone, disregarding subordinate personnel because of its low moral and psychological state. Thus, it was established that in the responsibility area of the 54th brigade, in the village of Svetlodarskoye, there arrived an 18-strong unit equipped with the NATO-style uniform and armed with sniper rifles BARRETT-M107A1. It is known that the unit arrived to fulfil the tasks of a subversive and terrorist character.

I would like to note that the LPR People's Militia units do not react to provocations, supporting the ‘silence regime’ and respecting the Minsk Agreements. We are aimed at resolving the conflict in Donbass peacefully, but in case if the situation gets aggravated, the LPR People’s Militia reserves the right to take decisive actions to liberate the territories seized by Kiev bandits.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko,
official translation by DONi News Agency