Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 02.02.2017

The situation in the zone of responsibility of the LPR People's Militia has stabilized, but tends to an aggravation.

Over the last day the Ukrainian punishers one time subjected to firing our units' positions near the settlements of Pervomaisk and Molodyozhny. In total there were launched 15 mortar rounds of 120, 82 mm caliber, besides the small arms were used.

As a result of firing by the Kiev gunmen of the settlement of Molodyozhny, a house on Lesnaya Street has burned down, and one local resident has been wounded.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue violating conditions of the military equipment's grounding near the line of contact that is provided by the Minsk Agreements and also continue capacity-building of the units in the "ATO" zone.

So, according to our data, in the responsibility zone of the AFU 24th separate mechanized brigade near the locality of Luganskoye there was detected a 120-mm mortar intended to be used for commission of provocative actions.

From the locality of Zhyoltoye in the direction of the locality of Schastye there is noted a movement of armored machinery column consisting of 10 IFVs and eight trucks with ammunition.

Near the settlement of Katerinovka there were revealed actions of a sniper group which several times had opened fire in the People's Militia direction.

To the zone of responsibility of the AFU 14th brigade, to positions near the settlement of Valuiskoye there has arrived a column of military equipment consisting of two tanks, five IFVs and three trucks with personnel and ammunition.

Besides, to the responsibility zone of the AFU 93 brigade, to positions near the settlement of Muratovo there has arrived a column of military equipment consisting of four trucks with ammunition and three fuel-servicing trucks.

All above-stated facts demonstrate that the Ukrainian military criminal authorities don't intend to follow the reached agreements on observance of the ceasefire regime and withdrawal of the forbidden arms, but on the contrary, make all efforts for a further escalation of the conflict in Donbass.

In my turn, I would like to note that the LPR People's Militia units don't react to provocations, adhere to the "silence regime" and observe the Minsk agreements. We are aimed at the peaceful solution of the conflict in Donbass, but if the situation aggravates, we reserve the right by using resolute actions to liberate the territories occupied by the Kiev bandits.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia lieutenant-colonel Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency