LPR MIA launches hot line for residents from Kiev-controlled territories

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)  of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) within the humanitarian program regarding reunification of Donbass people  has launched a hot line to render legal assistance to the residents living on Kiev-controlled territories of the “Lugansk region”, the LPR Minister of Internal Affairs, Major-general Igor Kornet states.  

''As part of the program concerning reunification of Donbass people, the LPR MIA will render legal  assistance to all the residents of the Lugansk People's Republic even to those who live on the territory which is temporarily occupied by Ukraine's troops and volunteer battalions,” said Igor Kornet.   

''The hot line was launched in a police control room and I'm calling upon  residents who fell victims of crimes, to call this hot line,'' added the  Major-general.

The residents of the “Lugansk region” can call the LPR MIA hot line within 24 hours; here are the phone numbers:   (0642) 509-591, (0642) 585-117  and  +380 95-610-11-30.

DONi News Agency