LPR meets commitments under water supply contract with Ukraine, despite provocations

The Lugansk People’s Republic fully meets its obligations under the contract of water supply from the Kiev-controlled Lugansk region area, the Republic’s Emergencies Minister Sergey Ivanushkin said at a meeting with the LPR district officials on Tuesday.

“The Republic fully meets its commitments. As for the other side, they turn water supply on and off without explanations, apparently for political reasons,” Ivanushkin said.   

Earlier, the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky said the Republic and Ukraine had essentially settled the issue of water supply from the Kiev-controlled territory. He said the problem (of water supply from the Kiev-controlled territory) would gradually diminish as the LPR authorities were taking measures to pump water locally.

Despite existing accords, Kiev has repeatedly blocked water supply to the Republic from its water intakes since the beginning of this year. On 6 March, it suspended water supply via the Petrovsky duct, no explanations were given.

Overnight to March 11, Ukraine stopped the feed via the West water treatment plant (ZFS) citing a trunk pipe accident without showing the appropriate documents.

DONi News Agency