LPR Home Ministry arrests diversionists suspected in LPR officers’ murders

The LPR Home Affairs Ministry’s employees arrested diversionists, suspected in the LPR People’s Militia and Nome Ministry officers’ murders and terroristic attacks preparation at the LPR vital infrastructure objects, reports the LPR State Security Minister, Leonid Pasechnik.

“The LPR State Security Ministry discovered another espionage ring. The Ukrainian State Security Service’s sabotage and reconnaissance group, which murdered two LPR officers and was preparing several terroristic attacks at vital LPR infrastructure objects, was taken into custody in Lugansk,” said Pasechnik.

“The terrorist group was operating under the leadership of the head of the 8th Ukrainian special operations regiment, major, Pavel Balov, who recruited Vasily Sapronov in the Ukrainian territory. He had the order to form the sabotage group involving the Lugansk citizens,” said the Minister.

Pasechnik underlined that “after several fails in the terrorist and espionage ring, Ukrainian special services emphasized the need of recruiting the Lugansk citizens, living along both sides of the contact line, to use them as “cannon fodder”.

“The terroristic group was aimed at kidnapping and liquidation of the military men, social and political activists and conducting terrorist attacks at vital infrastructure objects. Apart from it, diversionists tried to create the unstable hotbeds in the large enterprises, mainly on those where the receivership was temporary established, using Ukrainian special services’ espionage ring,” underlined Pasechnik.

DONi News Agency