LPR Head: Ukraine cannot afford peacekeepers in Donbass

The Head of the Lugansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, said that Ukraine would not be able financially ensure the presence of peacekeepers in Donbass.

"I know only a few countries, including China, which, to date, if such a permit is given, can financially ensure the stay of such a mission in the territory. The mission involves a lot of things - it's not just people who come, but also accommodation, food; this is also the cultural programme, and the whole spectrum, it's not so simple as it seems, that they came here, stood up shoulder to shoulder - no, this process is a little bit different," Plotnitsky said.

The Head of the LPR stressed that the deployment of any peacekeeping mission requires the consent of both parties to the conflict.

"We are one of such parties, therefore, without our consent, without our permission to date, no mission will be able to come here, and even more so, this is a very costly activity," Plotnitsky added.

DONi News Agency