LPR Head posthumously awards energy engineers perished on duty in 2014

The chairperson of the LPR Trade Unions’ Federation, Oleg Akimov on behalf of the LPR Head, had handed over the orders “For valor ” to the relatives of perished in 2014 energy engineers, reports the LPR Trade Unions Federation’s press-service.

The decision on late engineers’ award was made by the head of the Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, after the correspondent intercession from the Trade Unions’ Federation.

The LPR  Order  "For valor" of the I degree for the professional duty fulfillment, courage , vigorous and decisive actions in dangerous circumstances were awarded: engineer of the raid brigade section of the department for work with domestic consumers of the Eastern Distribution Zone Vitaly Vdovenko, The electrician of the operational and mobile team V of the operational-dispatching group qualification of the Stakhanovsky Distribution Zone Andrey Kiselev, the electrician for repair of overhead transmission lines of the air service Line 35kV and above the Schastyinsky Distribution Zone Nikolai Kononenko, electrician for the operation of electricity meters of the third qualification group of the Western Distribution Zone Igor Demin, the driver of the vehicles of the Pervomaisky Distribution Zone Vasily Letsky, the driver of the transport section of the Stakhanovsky Distribution Zone energy management department of the Anatoly Kolesnik.

DONi News Agency