LPR Head: New 2017 to terminate Donbass conflict

The Head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky hopes for peaceful solution of the conflict in Donbass in 2017.

"Any war comes to a peaceful end, and I consider that the year 2017 will finally terminate these disagreements, and we will find the understanding, the contact which will let us resolve all our issues, I hope, without shedding of blood. Especially as such prerequisites come from both our party, and their's," he stated.

"You see, recently in Ukraine there have been held a great many of so-called flashmobs at which Russian songs were sang and verses read, that is the people is alive, and it is of utmost importance," he explained.

"I don't think that the leadership which is now piling on the agony in Ukraine will mange to hold on the power for a long time," added Plotnitsky. 

"It is impossible to deceive the people constantly, well, it can be done, but for a while and, I think, this time has expired," he said.

DONi News Agency