LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky resigns for health reasons

The Head of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) Igor Plotnitsky has resigned due to the reasons of health, the Minister of State Security (MGB) of the Republic Leonid Pasechnik said in a statement published on the LuganskInformCenter website on Friday, November 24.

"Today, Igor Plotnitsky has resigned his duties due to health problems. Numerous combat wounds and concussion consequences have taken their toll. In accordance with his decision, I assume the duties of the head of the Republic’s until the upcoming elections," the statement says.

Pasechnik thanked Plotnitsky for his decision and the credence given to him. He noted that Plotnitsky had made a huge contribution to the process of peaceful settlement.

"He is one of the signers of the Minsk agreements. Today he has been appointed a plenipotentiary of the Lugansk People's Republic to enforce the Minsk agreements," he said.

Pasechnik also stated his adherence to the Minsk agreements.

"The Republic will be consistently executing the commitments undertaken in accordance with these agreements," Pasechnik said.

In his statement, he also stressed that "the Council of Ministers, the LPR People's Council and other authorities continue operating in a regular mode."

"For my part, I want to assure the LPR residents that I will do everything in my power for the benefit of the people of the Lugansk region," Pasechnik concluded.

The LPR People's Council Chairman Vladimir Degtyarenko, in turn, stated that the Parliament had received Plotnitsky’s statement on his resignation and the appointment of Pasechnik as Acting Head.

"I have no doubt that the People's Council will support the nomination of Pasechnik Leonid Ivanovich for the office of the Acting Head of the Lugansk People's Republic. All the necessary amendments to the normative legal acts will be made without delay," Degtyarenko said.

Meanwhile, the LPR Ministers’ Council Сhairman Sergei Kozlov said that he had reported to the Acting Head of the Republic Pasechnik on the work of the Council of Ministers and received instructions from him.

"The Council of Ministers continues operating on a routine basis," the Prime Minister assured.

DONi News Agency