LPR and DPR prepare humanitarian aid program for Kiev-occupied Donbass territories

The Heads of the DPR and LPR Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko have developed a program for rendering humanitarian assistance to residents of Donbass Areas temporary occupied by Kiev. It will be made public officially at a ceremony in Lugansk with participation of two Republics' Heads on Friday.

"The areas of Donbass which remained under Ukraine's control were put on the verge of humanitarian and environmental disaster. Technological hazards are increasing, plants and industrial complex suspend activities, living standards continue falling down.

In this regard, we made the decision to actualize the program of humanitarian aid and ecological security for our brothers and sisters living in the Ukraine-controlled Areas of Donbass," said the text of the joint statement of the Republics' Heads.

At that the LPR and DPR consider it necessary to provide their observers with an opportunity to carry out inspections at the crucial enterprises of the industry and infrastructure facilities which are located in the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass and can pose a threat for residents of the Republics if damaged.

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DONi News Agency