Kiev regime deploy 3,000 polices to control 'new Maidan' - violence reported

At least 3,000 police officers deployed as mass protests flare-up in Kiev. Clashes between police, protestors over in downtown. Kremlin highlighting rocky developments, keeps close eye on events. Ukraine won’t survive another Maidan revolution, politicians warn.

Up to 3,000 police officers have been deployed to ensure public order in downtown Kiev where mass protests began on Tuesday, the city police said. More police officers may be sent depending on the situation, a spokesman said.

Police have called to avoid any provocations, vowing to respond to them "in line with the norms of the current legislation." Officers warn the participants about their administrative and criminal responsibility for unlawful actions, including blocking traffic and attempts to storm government buildings.

The protest turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, one officer and three protesters were injured. The activists put up more than 40 tents in the area to stay overnight. Last night, the situation in downtown Kiev remained calm, no incidents were reported.

The 112.Ukraina television channel said the clashes erupted on Tuesday evening, when police tried to force the protesters out from the square in front of the Verkhovna Rada building. The protesters brought down the fence separating them from police cordons and started to tear off officers’ helmets.

Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, Yuri Lutsenko, said the law-enforcers were not planning to disperse the rally or tear down the tent camp set up by protesters near the parliament.

"The special services were tipped off and later established facts of [illegal] possession and purchase of weapons by members of illegal formations who are now among the protesters," the official said on his Facebook page.

The Kremlin is closely following the developments in Kiev where protests are underway and highlights the lack of stability there, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

"We are closely following the developments there," he said. "The situation is far from stable, that’s an obvious fact," Peskov added, commenting on the protests in the Ukrainian capital.

The Opposition Bloc’s faction in Ukraine’s parliament is against any new revolutions in the country, head of the faction Yuri Boyko said on Wednesday.

"This country won’t survive a third Maidan, we are strongly against such revolutions," Boyko told the 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

Any revolution would result in a depreciation of the national currency and would make people poorer, and "given the current tensions in society, this may trigger the country’s breakup," he cautioned.

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According to: TASS