Kiev redeploys military hardware echelon, foreign mercenaries to Donbass front-line

The Ukrainian side keeps redeploying prohibited by the Minsk agreements heavy weapons to the contact line in Donbass. Besides, according to local residents, well-armed English-speaking mercenaries arrived to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), DPR Operational Command, Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin states. 

“According to the information received from the residents of the locality of Zachatovka (53km away from the contact line) there was detected redeployment of echelon of heavy arms to the area of the locality of Volnovakha (12 km away from the contact line) including three IFVs, two tanks and four self-propelled artillery platforms. 

Moreover, in the responsibility zone of the 92nd separate infantry brigade there was detected arrival of three tanks, up to 200 people of military personnel, POL and ammunition stocks. 

Besides, in the locality of Avdeyevka (12km away from the contact line) there was detected well-armed military personnel consisting of up to 100 people. 

It is noted that among those arrived the majority speaks English. Moreover, local residents also could hear the Arabic speech,” stated Basurin.

DONi News Agency