Kiev prepares to pass Javelin U.S. systems into service

The Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff Viktor Muzhenko stated in Brussels on Tuesday that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were developing measures with the aim of passing U.S. antitank missile systems Javelin into service.  

Muzhenko arrived at the NATO headquarters in Brussels to participate in events at levels of General Staffs' Chiefs of alliance member countries.

"The position is one — we speak about the Javelin. There is a corresponding procedure to receive them. It's not so fast as we would want. For this, corresponding experts' work on the issues of Ukraine's readiness to receive  such weapons is necessary…. We have already carried out the preparation for applying such weapons,” said Muchenko.  

He specified that they spoke about security issues and storage conditions of such weapons.

Administration of the U.S. President Donald Trump approved a plan for providing lethal weapons including anti-tank missiles Javelin to Ukraine last year. In particular, the USA are going to provide 35 missile launchers Javelin to Kiev.  

The President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko stated that Kiev relid to receive U.S. weapons in 2018.

DONi News Agency