Kiev forces begin mining Donbass plants preparing for retreat

The Ukrainian army began to undermine plants in the Ukraine-controlled Donbass cities in preparation for retreat, reported the representative of the DPR Defense Ministry Eduard Basurin.

"Ukrainian criminals are preparing another genocide event of its own population.  Thus, we got to know that Ukrainian monsters are carrying out preparation events regarding mining of the Avdeyevka by-product coke plant. If this plant is blown up, ecological and humanitarian disaster will take place in Donbass, in other words it will be chemical weapons usage against population. It is the most real and planned terroristic act! 

Such actions of Ukrainian terrorists copy the Second World WAR fascist methods of waging a war, when fascists mined cities, fabrics and factories while they stepped back. 

Thus, Ukraine’s criminal military and political command is preparing another coil of conflict development in Donbass, demonstrating to the whole world that the war in the east of Europe will be started by Ukraine," said Basurin.

DONi News Agency