Kiev estimates chances on UN peacemakers’ appearance in Donbass

It is unlikely that the UN peacemakers’ mission will come to Donbass this year because of the long mechanism of its coordination, believes the Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, Georgy Tuka.

“I am sure that we will manage to settle the peacemakers question, but that is a quite long procedure even from the point of view of the UN inner bureaucracy, that’s why I have no optimism to believe that peacemakers will appear in Donbass this year,” said Tuka.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed he supports the idea of the UN peacemakers appearance in Ukraine, but on condition that they will only provide the OSCE monitors’ security. Kiev believes, the UN mission should have a broader mandate and be located throughout the Donbass territory up to Russian border. Apart from it, Kiev rejects the possibility of the direct negotiations with Donbass defenders.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, commenting on the idea of introducing peacekeepers in Donbass to protect the OSCE said that in case of the agreement on the issue, the organizations would be ready to do everything to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

DONi News Agency