Kiev commits genocide of Donbass people, destroying region’s ecosystem

The Ukrainian authorities are pursuing the policy of genocide of the Donbass people, destroying the ecosystem of the territories under its control, the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky stated today, on June 16, in Lugansk at the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine – a death threat to the world community."

"First of all, we must call things as they are. The current destruction of the ecosystem in the temporarily occupied territories is another manifestation of the hybrid genocide of the Donbass people," he said.

"Recently, we have received a considerable number of alarming reports from our territories temporarily occupied by Kiev-controlled armed detachments. It is primarily about uncontrolled mass commercial deforestation in Lisichansk, Kremennaya, and Luganskaya Stanitsa. At that, the information on contracts for logging, ecological expertise of this activity, its scale, all this is withheld not only from us, but from the Ukrainian public as well," said Plotnitsky.

"According to our data, this ecocide has already caused sandstorms and, if it is not terminated, a region-wide ecological disaster can happen. In the conditions of a severe concentration of coal mines, big chemical plants in this region, an accident at any of them will predictably set off a chain reaction, the consequences of which could be much more extensive and dire than those of Chernobyl and Fukushima. As a matter of fact, we are living in a powder keg, the fuse of which has been lit long ago," said the LPR Head.

He noted that, despite the poverty of the budget, the Republic was not cutting down, but planting new forests.

"For three years, the green lungs of the Republic have expanded for 360 hectares, but if on one side of the river the environment is being taken care of and on the other side it is being destroyed, a disaster will come both there and here. That is why we will not turn a blind eye to environmental crimes of the Kiev junta, we just do not have such a right. This is a direct threat to the future of our children," said Plotnitsky.

Representatives of the Republic’s authorities, trade unions, social movements and organizations, as well as members of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Andrei Sobolev and Vladimir Krugly are taking part in the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine – a death threat to the world community."

DONi News Agency