Kiev’s statement on disrupting captives verification by Donetsk 'provocation' – Morozova

A statement of Irina Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s representative to a Minsk humanitarian subgroup, on disrupting a verification process of captives due to the fault of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is not true and is a provocation, DPR Ombudsman Darya Morozova states.  

“I’m extremely indignant at cynical statements made by separate representatives of the Ukrainian side aimed at discrediting work of the entire humanitarian subgroup in Minsk,” said Morozova. 

She explained that in real, the officials of the Ukrainian side had amended the group members on their own at their last gasp to carry out verification. 

According to the Ombudsman, Kiev just doesn’t understand a core of the agreements reached in Minsk on April 12. 

“I would like to highlight that none of provocative statements made by Ukrainian separate negotiators won’t be a hindrance to holding verification of detainees,” pointed out Darya Morozova. 

Due to this, Morozova reminded that on April 12 at negotiations in a humanitarian subgroup there had been reached an agreement on holding verification of detainees in the presence of their relatives, SBU representatives, involving Ukrainian Ombudsman’s office Valery Lutkovsky. 

DONi News Agency