JCCC: Kiev deploys military hardware near Debaltsevo

Ukrainian gunmen deployed tanks, MRLS and other military hardware near the locality of Debaltsevo, reports the head of the DPR representative office in the JCCC, Ruslan Yakubov.

“In the morning near the locality Debaltsevo in the Mironovsky locality’s area the arrival of self-propelled howitzers and tanks was recorded; near the Kodema locality – convoy of 4 MRLS and 4 KMAZ vehicles was detected; in the area of Semigorye locality – 8 tanks and self-propelled artillery platform and 6 “URAL” vehicles were recorded,” said Yakubov.

Earlier, the DPR Operational Command reported that their reconnaissance detected redeployment of one and a half dozens of Ukrainian tanks and self-propelled artillery platforms to the Kurakhovo locality’s area.

DONi News Agency