Javelin will not help Ukraine to beat DPR, LPR – Russia's National Guard

This was stated by Alexander Khinshtein, adviser to the head of the National Guard of Russia.

"If I were an unofficial person, I would say that we must balance, and if the US supplies weapons to one side, then Russia must supply another," he said. "In addition, the Russian Cornet complexes outperform Javelins by some parameters. Moreover, I would not exaggerate the scale and significance of these complexes, as well as the morale and professional capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are dealing with a locally limited territory that is not comparable with the rest of Ukraine. If the AАU were powerful, and the spirit of its soldiers is strong, what prevented them to bring to an end at least one military operation over the past 2-3 years? There is not a single battle in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces won," Khinshtein believes.

According to him, deliveries of American weapons "will not change the essence of the matter in Donbass."

"No matter how much they supply, I do not believe that this will help to provide a turning point in the confrontation," the adviser to the head of National Guard believes.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump approved the supply of anti-tank missile systems FGM-148 Javelin to Ukraine.

DONi News Agency