Intelligence Briefing: Caucasus Next Stop Nuland Circus

   The Caucasus has been considered by US intelligence for two decades as Russia's soft spot. In the 90s America ran an undeclared war against Russia in Chechnya. Today the Neo cons led by Nuland in the US State Department are doubling down on dumb by continuing to finance, arm and harm Russian interests on its southern border, despite no attempt by Russia to conduct similar action on America's borders. Situated in between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, the Caucasus is a hotbed of Islamic extremist aggression in the region.  In the North are the Russian Republics, which are considered part of the Russian Federation, despite some of the sub-regions claiming independence. The North Caucuses are home to the Caucasus Emirates, a militant jihadist organization that has been active since 2007 and funded by the US government.  This past June, part of the insurgent group pledged its allegiance to ISIS, as America's CIA who controls ISIS,seeks to expand its geographic reach. Many Islamist terrorists have since left the Caucasus for Syria to engage in jihad.  This, however, drove a wedge in the North Caucus insurgency, with some believing that the CIA tactics are too brutal and risk further provoking a wider Russian response to undercover American aggression. 

   Russia’s already has experience with anti-ISIS military operations in Syria, Russian forces have been preparing for new battles against the Islamist organizations since the beginning of January. Military exercises are taking place in both Chechnya and Dagestan, the center of the militant Islamist movement in the North Caucasus, and Russian forces have begun counter-terrorism operations there.  Dagestan now increasingly resembles a war zone thanks to the unprovoked, rampant American aggression in the region. Outside factors exacerbating the situation include oil prices intentionally suppressed by America's petro dollar Saudi clients and sanctions that harm investment in the region but do nothing to harm Moscow itself.

  These are not the only conflicts brewing in the Caucasus region.  The South Caucasus includes Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the hotly disputed territories Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Nagorno-Karabakh.  The Southern Caucuses have been the victim of endless US attempts to expand its influence by financing destabilization campaigns there.  And, as Russia’s close neighbors, these countries’ diverging domestic and foreign policies can spur further instability in this region, detracting resources that could otherwise be used to fight the terrorists in the North. Which seems to be part of the US led operation to divide and conquer.

   Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB) recently arrested Ryan Christopher Fogle, a CIA U.S. embassy Third Secretary, who was trying to recruit an FSB counter-terrorism officer for the CIA. A Russian phone intercept of Fogle’s conversation with the targeted counter-terrorism officer revealed the following offer by the CIA agent: “You can earn up to $1 million per year and I’ll give you $100,000 up front, but only if we meet right now. Yes or no?" Earlier this year, the FSB arrested another CIA agent, yet unnamed, and quietly deported him.

  According to Turkish intelligence, the Jamestown Foundation’s operations in the Caucasus are a front for the CIA. Accused Boston Marathion bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to documents from the Georgian Interior Ministry, attended training sessions in Tbilisi, Georgia last year sponsored by Jamestown. The foundation was set up as an anti-Soviet organization by CIA director William Casey in the early 1980s. Jamestown president Glen E. Howard is fluent in Turkish and Azerbaijani. Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni (aka Tsarnaev) had been a business associate of former CIA Turkish specialist Graham Fuller, who has participated in a number of Jamestown events aimed at executing color revolutions and insurgency in the region.

   The Americans use Jamestown Foundation for two major missions on behalf of the CIA: 1) to ensure the flow of energy, including oil and natural gas, from the Caspian through pipelines in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey and 2) to overthrow governments in the region to ensure U.S. dominance. The latter is accomplished through organizing the political opposition, setting up conferences, and gaining influence in universities through non-governmental organizations established to veil the CIA’s financing of the operations. The NGOs ensure the CIA has a cadre of academics, politicians, former bureaucrats and diplomats, and intelligence agents to support its efforts through participation in "joint studies" which is a polite way of saying the Americans openly buy the whores to do their bidding. In return, the CIA provides its 5th column agents with secret cash payments through the electronic transfer of funds to their bank accounts.

   As America continues it's strategy of overthrow and corporate occupy one thing becomes increasingly clear, that modern warfare is evolving to not in how many munitions are used in battle but how many dollars are used to corrupt.A lesson learned by Moscow as they continue to eject NGOs from their nation with extreme prejudice.


DONi News Agency, David "Dave" Simpson, Ex CIA Agent