ICRC ready to mediate security zones creation in Donbass

The International Committee of the Red Cross is still ready to act as an independent intermediary in the process of creating security zones near the infrastructure and life support facilities on the contact line in Donbass, stated the head of the ICRC office in Donetsk, Michel Saad.

The ICRC recalled that at the talks in Minsk on July 19, 2017, the parties reached an agreement on the establishment of security zones along the contact line. It was agreed that security zones would be created around two sites: the first pumping station in Vasilievka and the Donetsk filter station.

"We continue discussing the issue of further creating security zones, which can only happen with the consent of all parties, either directly or through a neutral intermediary. As always, we are ready to act as a neutral intermediary and facilitate the process between all parties," said Saad.

According to him, the creation of such zones in the areas of five infrastructure facilities was at table in 2017.

"For more than a year we have been discussing our proposals for the creation of security zones around five key infrastructure facilities: the pumping station of the third rise on the Seversky Donets canal, the first rise pumping station near the village of Vasilievka, the Donetsk filter station, the Verkhnekalmius filter station and the water pipe in the city of Zolotoye / Pervomaysk, and also the Petrovsky water intake (in the territory of the Lugansk region of Ukraine – ed.)," Saad said.

DONi News Agency