GPW veteran from Maryinka district gets monetary assistance from DPR

Today, on November 23, a regular payment devoted to the Victory Day has been made at the Center for social assistance and administrative services located at the Aleksandrovka checkpoint in the frames of reunification of Donbass people.
As a press-service of the DPR Labor and Social Politics Ministry reports, the daughter of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War (GPW) who took part in the military hostilities during the period from 06/22/1941 to 05/09/1945 has received the payment. She has arrived at the center with a notarized letter of attorney from the Maryinka district of the Donetsk region where their family lives now. 
The employees of the Donbass Post state enterprise paid out the appointed assistance which amounted to 5,000 UAH to the daughter of the veteran.  
It should be noted that since the beginning of realization of the humanitarian program, one-time monetary assistance devoted to the Victory and Miner’s Days was received by 141 fellow countrymen from the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk region.  
DONi News Agency