Germany considers Poroshenko as clown – German MP

By his ridiculous speeches with the demonstration of bus pieces, Russian passports and EU flag, the Ukrainian president has won being recognized as a clown not only in Ukraine, but among the Germans as well, chairman of the Left faction in the Osnabrück region and head of the People's diplomacy project in Germany Andreas Maurer said during a skype conference at the Open Ukraine channel.

"The fact that Poroshenko is called a clown in Ukraine is no longer new. In Germany, they call him in a more diplomatic way – they just say he could easily play in the theater. Take at least the last security conference in Munich," Maurer said.

"And in 2014, Klitschko, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk were the people taken from one room to another, everyone wanted to be photographed with them, everyone wanted to talk with them. Say, here they are, the ones fighting allegedly for justice," the German deputy recalls.

According to him, Poroshenko began to further improvise, every year increasingly abusing European hospitality.

"In 2015, Poroshenko came with some piece of a bus, in 2016 - with Russian passports, found or bought them somewhere. But after what he had done this time (when he arrived with the EU flag - ed.), even in Germany they asked the question "What is the European Union doing there?" the deputy added.

He admits that Poroshenko's passage, to put it mildly, was not appreciated in Germany.

"No one reacted to this in any newspaper. Then, look at the very performance of Poroshenko in Munich. In addition to members of the delegation from Ukraine and a couple of Chinese journalists who had simply lost their way, there was no one there. No photos, no meetings, no specific statements. Poroshenko hadn't any meeting with any minister. Therefore, I think that no one really takes him seriously any more. In my opinion, Poroshenko's time has passed. I think they have already behind the scenes found or are looking for a replacement for him," Maurer said.

DONi News Agency