Future ecological disaster in Donbass to affect Russia and Europe

An ecological catastrophe in Donbass, which may result from the ecosystem’s destruction in the Kiev-controlled territory of the Lugansk region, will affect Russia and Europe, the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky stated today, on June 16, in Lugansk at the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine – a death threat to the world community."

"I think the resolution, which is to be drafted and adopted today, should be brought to the attention of the Council of Europe, European Parliament, those countries calling themselves guarantors of the Minsk agreements’ implementation – in particular, Germany and France. Let them take another look at this situation, grounding not only on some incomprehensible, inconsistent records and reports," he said.

"We have always had and do have compassion for misfortunes of others, but, for some reason, no one pays attention to our sufferings. Somehow, when a terrorist act happens somewhere, the whole world is talking about it, everyone feels sympathetic, everyone feels sorrow. Aren’t our people, children dying daily? Isn’t our ecosystem and others’ being destroyed, as well as the infrastructure?" continued the LPR Head.

"Does it mean we have no right to exist, no right to live just because someone somewhere has considered us to be unrecognized? Unrecognized by whom? By them? Maybe. But we were recognized by our people, we were appointed by our people, and that means we are obliged to fulfil what the people want us to do and, frankly speaking, if regarding the situation from this point of view, then neither common recognition nor the global one solves these issues. Anyway, we are deciding here, on the spot, whether we are recognized or not," added Plotnitsky.

"But these issues are the ones of a global nature, not of a small-town level and we should raise them in different institutions and at various events. And I will set the same task for our representatives to raise these issues at the Minsk talks because this is of global importance, as if we let an ecological catastrophe happen in Donbass, it will certainly affect the Russian Federation, moreover, I said for a good reason that it can reach Europe," said the Head of the Republic.

Representatives of the Republic’s authorities, trade unions, social movements and organizations, as well as members of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Andrei Sobolev and Vladimir Krugly are participating in the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine – a death threat to the world community."

DONi News Agency