French politologist to lecture in Europe with pics of Pervomaisk destroyed by Kiev troops (Gallery)

French foreign policy expert François Grumel Jacquignon, who arrived in the Republic to take a look at the situation, plans to use the pictures of destructions in Pervomaisk in the course of his lectures in Europe, reported the LPR Federation of Trade Unions (FTU).

The FTU representatives told that during his visit to Pervomaisk “Jacquignon was stunned by the devastation caused by the Ukrainian army to the houses and infrastructure of the city, he managed to communicate with local citizens, had a meeting with the head of Pervomaisk local council Sergei Afanasiev”.

“In Pervomaisk I saw the thing which struck me most of all: heavy damage and at the same time huge restoration works carried out in the city. Despite the shellings, people here remain loyal to their city! I took many photos of the destructions which I will use during my lectures, conferences on the issue of the real situation in Donbass,” said the scientist.

The political analyst stressed the importance of violence cessation in Donbass and supported the appeal of the DPR and LPR People’s Councils Chairmen Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Degtyarenko to the leaders of Russia, the USA and Germany with a request to make Ukrainian ‘president’ Petro Poroshenko stop the criminal activities against the people of Donbass, in particular, to stop the shelling of the Republics’ territories.

“On return to his country Jacquignon is also ready to organize signatures collection among like-minded people and those who support the struggle for self-determination of Donbass people. Especially that the decision of the Republic’s establishment was reached at the referendum, which is a manifestation of democracy and people’s power,” said the FTU representatives.

“Unfortunately, in France there is very little information about the real, true situation in Donbass. All mass media present only one official version of events, which is largely based on the testimony of the OSCE Mission and, unfortunately, does not always reflect reality. Only having been here personally you can be convinced that not everything is truly covered in the Western press. The voice of Donbass is heard, unfortunately, by few people. That’s a pity! Unbroken spirit and firmness of Donbass residents are worth of respect,” reported the French scientist.

He assured that he would convey Donbass residents’ point of view, their desire to live in a free country to his colleagues and students in France. And the first conferences in France the political analyst will conduct immediately after returning in the department of Aisne, in the main city of the department of Savoie Chambery, as well as in Vienna, Geneva and Lyon.

“Besides that, Jacquignon promised to visit Lugansk again soon and would hope to continue exploring Donbass and its freedom-loving people,” added the FTU representatives.

DONi News Agency