Francois Fillon: Crimea is historical territory of Russia

Russia will never leave the Crimea, which is historically a Russian territory, the candidate for the presidency of France from the center-right party Republicans, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, believes.

"It's useless to be stubborn and say that Russia must leave the Crimea, this will never happen," Fillon told the newspaper Figaro.

As he said, in the approach to the Crimean question it is necessary to take into account two fundamental and contradictory principles: respect for borders and the right of people to self-determination.

"No one can deny that the Crimea is Russian from the historical, cultural and linguistic point of view," the former Prime Minister said.

According to Fillon, the situation with the Crimea can be resolved through a special international conference under the aegis of the United Nations.

DONi News Agency