Four NATO-countries training Ukrainian forces in ex-USSR base

The military from the USA and Canada are training soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the former Soviet Yavorov training range in the west of Ukraine. In 2015, the range was re-equipped, and now this is one of the most secret places in the country, writes Swiss Le Temps .
On the base there are about 200 American soldiers and 250 Canadians. In recent months, Lithuanians have arrived, as well as military delegations come from the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst.
The aim of the training is to raise the qualification of the Ukrainian military and support the efforts of Ukraine in its interaction with NATO. As US Army Communications Officer Capt. Kyle Christopher assures, the participation of foreign military personnel is “absolutely unrelated” to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
Within the framework of the Canadian program “UNIFIER”, since 2015, about 6,000 Ukrainian soldiers and cadets have been trained at the training ground in Yavorovo.
“Ukraine is facing a new kind of hybrid war, we are giving them our experience gained in Afghanistan,” said Canadian major Jeff Day.
DONi News Agency
According to: Fort Russ