Former US Secretary of State: Ukraine has to gain strength to counter Putin

The former head of the US State Department, John Kerry, said in an interview that it is vital for Ukraine to get rid of corruption - the traditional method of 'solving issues' for the country. According to him, a successful fight against corruption will contribute to economic growth. 

"Corrupt people need to be deprived of immunity. Otherwise people will stop believing in Ukraine, it will be very difficult to provide conditions for economic growth. And for the Ukrainian economy now is the time to grow - the country needs to gain strength to oppose everything that Russia and its president Vladimir Putin are going to do in the future. Here, the intersection of economic motives with the interests of national security takes place," Kerry said. 

Ex-Secretary of State noted that Ukraine needed an independent judiciary, which could bring to justice someone for violating the law, for any corruption. Also, he added, the country needed independent prosecutors able to investigate crimes. 

We recall, on October 3, the Verkhovna Rada approved a bill that will launch judicial reform and provides for changes in a number of codes, as well as innovations that have already provoked heated discussions.

DONi News Agency