Foreign instructors on cities’ cleansing tactics train Ukraine's army

Foreign instructors arrived in Artyomovsk to train servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the tactics of fighting in an urban setting, followed by settlements’ cleansing, Eduard Basurin, Vice-Commander of the DPR Operational Command, stated, referring to intelligence data.

"Some Western countries continue to support Kiev's aspirations to unleash active hostilities in Donbass. There was detected the arrival of foreign instructors in Artyomovsk, under the guidance of whom it is planned to hold training sessions for personnel of the 54th separate mechanized brigade on conducting military operations in urban conditions, as well as cleansing settlements," the Vice-Commander said.

It is worth reminding that on February 4 a group of foreign instructors led by a representative of the UK armed forces was reported to have arrived in Volnovakha vicinities.

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