Food fair runs in Donetsk city-centre [Pics]

A food fair of local manufacturers’ products was opened today in the city-centre of Donetsk near Lenin Square on Komsomolsky Avenue. The fair brought together 27 commodity producers from across the Donetsk People's Republic.

Trade tents were opened at eight in the morning. The fair began with a free distribution of a ton of sugar to citizens of preferential categories: pensioners, disabled persons and veterans of the Great Patriotic War: 1,000 persons were allocated one kilogram of sugar each. The event was organized by the Republic’s authorities.

At the fair there was presented a wide range of products – meat, fish, bakery, confectionery and sausage products, sugar, honey, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. Prices were set on average by 5-30 percent lower than in stores and markets. The food fair immediately became popular with Donetsk residents.

"For the first two hours the fair was attended by several thousand people. Some producers have already run out of goods, although they expected to sell it till midday," informed the press service of the Ministry of Agro-Industrial Policy and Food.

DONi News Agency