Filtering station stops operating due to continuous attacks on its staff

The Donetsk filtering station will be stopped on Wednesday, the personnel will be evacuated, said Oleg Mokry, general director of the company "Water of Donbass".

"The station is working, the station will be shut down on Wednesday... The night shift is working, the day shift is refusing to go to work, the drivers are also refusing, people are afraid. Tomorrow our task is to stop the station and evacuate people," Mokry said.

The Donetsk filtering station is located 12 kilometers from Donetsk on the neutral territory near the contact line. It provides about 400 thousand inhabitants of Donetsk, Avdeyevka, Yasinovataya with water and a number of other settlements on both sides of the contact line. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated that the escalation of hostilities near such an object could lead to a chemical catastrophe in the event of damage to chlorine tanks.

Earlier the Water of Donbass reported that the Ukrainian military yesterday attacked a convoy, which was driving the working shift of the DFS. A similar incident occurred the day before yesterday, on March 12. Then, from the side where the positions of the AFU are, fire was also opened on the cars, which were carrying a shift to the station. As a result, the shift vehicle was also damaged.

DONi News Agency