Fights near Verkhovna Rada: Maidan activists surround parliament

Fights between Mikhail Saakashvili’s Maidan activists and police took place near the Verkhovna Rada; conflict flushed when gunmen blocked the Grushevskogo Str., not to let Saakashvili and his party members pitch tents near the parliament.

Police applied tear gas. Fight resulted in affected; wounded people were taken away on stretchers.

After the fights the MP Mustafa Nayem came up to people and claimed that speaker, Andrey Parubiy, refused to fulfill demands of the manifest on Pyotr Poroshenko’s regime authority limitation.

Mustafa called on the participants to surround the Verkhovna Rada and not to let any parliament members out of there until the decisions demanded by the Maidan activists are made.

DONi News Agency