The fight between Ukrainian soldiers causes the death of one of them

Another fight between Ukrainian soldiers in the so-called anti-terroristic operation zone caused death of one of them, two soldiers are injured. The official representative of the LPR People’s Militia, Major Andrey Marochko, reported it today.

He also underlined that Ukrainian forces Command continue to hide their non-causalities loses.

In Troitskoe district during the conflict between the soldiers of the 54th brigade’s second battalion the  F1 grenade explosion took place, as a result one soldier died, two of them are hospitalized with injuries”, - says Marochko.

 He underlines that “Ukrainian Command is not capable of controlling the discipline, moral principles and psychological state of their army.

“As a result, near the Popasnaya village the soldier of the 54th brigade’s third battalion being drunk fired the ceiling during the dinner, demanding the meeting with the brigade commander. To calm the furious soldier down the brigade of the Military Service Law Enforcement arrived” – reports the representative of the Republic’s Defense Ministry.

Earlier the head of LPR People’s Militia, colonel Oleg Anasсhenko said, that in Ukrainian army in the so-called anti-terroristic operation zone, this year 18 soldiers were lost because of alcohol intoxication and reckless handling of weapons and explosives, and 11 soldiers voluntarily left their positions.

Besides, Marochko reported, that on New Year’s Eve because of alcohol poisoning and reckless handling of weapons and explosives seven soldiers were lots, five were injured and three of them went blind.

Alongside with them, during the next 24 hours of the new year victims of low quality alcohol became four soldiers and seven were hospitalized.

DONi News Agency