Famous Russian opera singer performs for blind, visually impaired people of Donbass

Well-known opera singer from St. Petersburg Vladimir Vyurov held a free concert for the blind and visually impaired in the conference hall of the Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library named after Krupskaya on October 17. The charity event was timed to coincide with the International Day of the White Cane.

"I've been a friend of the Donetsk People's Republic for more than three years. My tenth visit to the DPR included both performances on the stage of Donbass Opera, and the current charity concert for the blind and visually impaired of the Republic, " Vyurov said.

"I am to become a co-chairman of the jury in the large international contest The Musical Republic Invites Friends ahead, which is to be held in the Donetsk People's Republic from October 24 to October 27."

People with vision impairments from Donetsk, Makeyevka, Yenakiyevo, Gorlovka and other cities of the Republic - more than a hundred people – gathered in the hall. The listeners living in the territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine were also invited within the framework of the State Programme for the reunification of the Donbass people.

DONi News Agency