Expert: Ukrainian special services serve US interests

Ukrainian special services serve the US interests and the case of Ukrainian citizen’s detainment for espionage in the Crimea was, probably, not the only one, believes the president of the “International Association of “Alpha” Antiterrorist Division’s Veterans, Sergey Goncharov.

Earlier, on Monday, Russian Federal Security Service published cadres of Ukrainian citizen Konstantin Davydenko’s detainment that took place in Simferopol. Davydenko was accused of espionage for Ukrainian Services.

It was specified that Davydenko was intentionally gathering and transferring to Ukrainian special services National Security Information, namely, information on Russian Guard’s units and formations activity, data on Federal Security Service’s employees, information leakage of which could harm Russian Federation’s security. The criminal case on espionage had been initiated.

“Of course, Ukrainian secret services have the experience of the Soviet Union, but that was a positive experience. Now the new generation came whose mind is poisoned against Russia. And espionage conducted for Ukraine serves interests of the first Ukrainian ally – the United States,” said Goncharov.

According to him, the information on Russian Guard is highly interesting for Russian enemies.

"Presently, The Russian Guard is a serious power structure in our country, because you know perfectly well that the entire power block, which was in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was transferred to the Russian Guard, and Russian Guard is now engaged in almost all the power issues that the Internal Ministry used to do. Thus, our opponents are interested in issues that Russian Guard defends in Russia," added Goncharov.

DONi News Agency