'European' Ukraine: Nazis instead of the law

In Kharkov, the activists of the "Civil Corps" (the social structure of the Nazi regiment Azov and the political party "National Corps" that grew out of it) sabotaged the shooting of the series "Under the laws of wartime." The Nazis dropped on NKVD peaks and other Soviet paraphernalia, which is allowed in the cinema by law.

Other Nazis forced players of the FC "Shakhtar", which belongs to Donetsk for a long time only by the name, to put on T-shirts in support of the so-called ATO  before the match, threatening otherwise to send them to play in Donetsk. And the players put them on.

The first Nazis knew perfectly well that shooting the series is one of the few opportunities for Ukrainian actors and technical specialists to earn money, many of whom do not forget to render all possible assistance to the 'heroes of the ATO.' By the way, this is not an isolated case. The other day, the Ukrainian actor and producer Zelensky lamented that no matter how much money he gives to the army, his TV series in Ukraine still banned on the tip of the SBU.

The second Nazis knew very well that the Shakhtar players allocate from their not so modest incomes a solid amount to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in general and the units fighting in the Donbass, in particular. And the owner of "Shakhtar" Rinat Akhmetov does not forget to once again emphasize his full loyalty to the Kiev regime.

In both cases, it was not a question of a real prevention of the actions of regime opponents. Radicals eventually beat their own moderate supporters, depriving some of their earnings and deliberately humiliating the others.

Maybe the marginals, who make up the Nazi 'infantry', did not know what they were doing. But their chiefs and supreme leaders are well versed in the nuances of modern Ukrainian politics, in order to prevent unauthorized self-activity. The fact that the activation of radicals in the streets occurred simultaneously across Ukraine and coincided with the radicalization of more than moderate politicians, who have so far tried not to shine with harsh statements, testifies to the fact that these are targeted actions.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yevgeny Rybchinsky urged to poison the people of Donbass with "dichlorvos like cockroaches". Several songs on the verses of his father, Yuri Rybchinsky, are included in the repertoire of the "enemy of Ukraine" Joseph Kobzon, who actively supports the Donbass. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yury Yekhanurov, a Buryat born in Yakutia, who was never seed as a supporter of national radicalism, promised to expel those citizens of the DPR and the LPR who would not love Ukraine. And all this in less than a week. Against this background, the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov that the Minsk agreements are dead does not even surprise.

What is the reason for such illogical activity of the Nazis and the desire of moderate politicians to testify their support for their cannibalistic program? After all, people seem to long for peace. And many supporters of the Maidan agree for peace even to abandon the Donbass, hoping that this will help stabilize the situation in other regions of Ukraine.

The thing is that the Nazis did not receive in 2014 full satisfaction in the form of full-fledged acceptance by the power of their program. They were taken aboard as fellow travelers, used for overthrowing Yanukovich, suppressing timid protests of the southeast, intimidating supporters of leftist parties and people who are oriented toward Russia, to dispel and ban the parliamentary (legal) opposition. But they were not taken into power. They served as "gorillas" under the oligarchs, so they remained to be them. Not all masters have changed.

However, all four years that have passed since the coup, the central authorities have been weakening, and oligarchic and regional groups have been fighting among themselves. And all of them created an increased demand for Nazi militants, who were in demand, being a scarce (not enough for everybody) good. In addition, there was an active infiltration of the Nazis into law enforcement agencies (primarily the army, police, SBU), in which they replaced officers who were not ready to wage war against their own people.

To date, formally legal power is still in the hands of oligarchs, and oligarchic groups are fighting for it. But all of them have already found out that without the support of Nazi formations, without the decision of their Fuhrer, neither the army, nor the police, nor the special services can do anything. They themselves are deeply affected by the virus of Nazism, and no anti-Nazi order, even if it is given, will not pass and will not be fulfilled.

The deepest contradiction of the current system in Kiev is that real power levers are in the hands of the Nazis, but the oligarchs rule by the law. And even after the change of Poroshenko, the legitimate power will remain in the hands of oligarchic groups. The West does not want to get dirty in Nazism because of Ukraine and does not officially recognize the Nazi Fuhrers, even if one of them decides to seize power. Meanwhile, for the Nazis, the unity of Ukraine (which oligarchs can, if anything, sacrifice) is the dominant idea. Their slogan is: "One country, one nation, one language."

Feeling absolute strength and not being able to claim power by law, the Nazis demonstrate to the people that the law does not mean anything compared to their will. No matter who nominally leads Ukraine, they will do what the Nazis order. It was precisely for the people to quickly understand the special role of the Nazis in the Ukrainian political system and not to rely on the farce of 'free elections', not messing about with the authorities, appealing to the rule of law, and creating the precedents described above.

The institutionalization of the Nazi power in Ukraine does not take place legally (as in Italy in 1922 and Germany in 1933), but with the help of the ascension of the Nazis' will over the laws. The most experienced Ukrainian politicians have caught this political trend and with their statements demonstrate their readiness to match the emerging system.

Therefore, the hopes of some (including Russian) experts that in the near future oligarchs and system politicians will be engaged in the destruction of the Nazis as competitors in the struggle for power are absolutely untenable. Ukrainian oligarchs and system politicians from the very beginning of 2014 cannot rule, keeping people in obedience, without reliance on the Nazis. Nazi extrajudicial terror has long had no alternative within the framework of the political system that has developed in Kiev.

The current Ukrainian political class is ready to submit to Nazism and even cover it, becoming the "human face" of the regime, in order to prolong its presence for a brief moment at the trough, albeit on a secondary role. So excesses, similar to the above, will continue, arise more often, become more rigid and unmotivated. Nazis need everyone to be scared. And they will achieve this by the only method available to them.

DONi News Agency