EU will allocate €50 million for needs of Donbass

Financing by the European Union of Donbass in 2018 will be directed to the economic restoration of the region, decentralization, security and other issues. This was announced by the Minister for Issues of Uncontrolled Territories of Donbass and Internally Displaced Persons Vadim Chernysh in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Business Capital published on Tuesday.

"The European Union will give us €50.5 million to resolve various issues in the East of Ukraine," Chernysh said, adding that the "implementation processes" will begin in the second half of 2018. According to him, Western money will go "to decentralization and management, economic recovery and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, community security and social cohesion (groups of citizens with mutual interests, etc.), sectoral reforms, regional health system and support investment through grants."

Chernysh called the "implementers" of these funds UNDP - an organization with the United Nations to assist development countries, as well as the German state development bank KfW and local authorities.

In addition, the minister recalled, for 2018 Ukraine entered into an agreement with the US Agency USAID for the amount of $51 million to implement the "Ukrainian Capacity Building Initiative" (UCBI). In late December 2017, as well, €5 million were provided by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ ) for the development of small and medium-sized businesses and the creation of jobs. In addition, there is a credit program for Ukraine, he said.

From the state budget of Ukraine for the needs of Donbass, namely - to provide housing for immigrants - in 2018 there were allocated 34 million hryvnia (about $1.2 million). Similar amounts, the minister said, have been allocated to some other ministries for needs related to the eastern regions of the country.

"Naturally, the communities that are under shelling need more help, and for some reason this is very understandable to the World Bank, the UN, the European Union, but it is not at all clear to those who manage Ukrainian public finances," Chernysh summed up.

He added that "in Ukraine there is no comprehensive understanding of these problems when planning the budget."

"Our government is more attuned to needs that can be measured in numbers and then accounted for, and this is a very simplistic approach..." the minister said.

DONi News Agency