Energy industry profitable in DPR – Minister

At the present time, the DPR is exporting electricity to the Lugansk People's Republic, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Revenues and Charges of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Timofeyev stated in an interview with the Oplot TV channel.

"To date, there is no reason to raise tariffs for electricity. It is in our favour. We generate surplus electricity and sell it to the LPR. Therefore, this is an additional source of budget revenues," the Minister said.

Along with that, according to Timofeyev, the coal industry of the DPR has become profitable, no subsidizing is required.

"We stopped theft in the coal industry," the Minister said. "So, the coal branch has arisen from being subsidized to being profitable, as well as electricity. Electric power is just as profitable today."

DONi News Agency