Dr. Liza Fund evacuates 15 children from Donetsk, Lugansk

The Fair Aid of Dr. Liza Fund will conduct another evacuation of sick children from the DPR and the LPR. This was reported in the press service of the organization.

"15 children with various diseases will be taken to Russia for treatment, to medical institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The smallest patient is three months old, the oldest is 14," the press service said.

All children have congenital and chronic diseases, malformations and oncology, neurosurgical and ophthalmologic pathologies.

"A bus with children accompanied by ambulances will leave for Rostov, where children will be waited for by the Emergency Ministry plane with doctors and special equipment," the fund said.

According to the representatives of the organization, only in 2017 more than 40 children got the opportunity to receive specialized treatment in Russia. In total, during the existence of the fund, more than 500 seriously ill and wounded children from the Donbass received medical treatment and survived.

DONi News Agency